Stay Beautiful |Granger Senior Photographer


“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to be over;

it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”  -Unknown


This quote couldn’t be more fitting of the session. The day of this photoshoot was terribly overcasted, cold, and dark with chance for scattered showers.  I almost postponed the session but my client, L , was so upbeat and ready to embrace the day.  Her contagious positive attitude convinced me to go with the flow. 

I am so glad we decided to because we had such a great time  as we were trying to stay ahead of the possible showers that seemed to be hovering over us that day.   The day became quite an adventure as we seek out to find well lit locations and ended up trying new places I hadn’t thought of.  I had such a fun day and felt like a high school kid again!

I love the lesson I learned that day.  “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to be over; it’s about learning to dance in the  rain.”

The best of luck to you, “L”,  as you continue your journey in dancing.  May you continue to “dance in the rain”  and Stay Beautiful with your contagious positive outlook and spread this wonderful lesson to others.  Thank you for such a fun day.  What a nice surprise at the end when “L’s” bestfriend was able to join us and shared the adventure with us. 













The Best Day| Elkhart Family Photographer


“Write it on your heart that everyday is the best day in the year.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson


Find JOY today!   This is one special family to me.  We do alot of things with this special family and these kids have a big place in my heart.  As I edited the photos for this session, I got so emotional and was overwhelmed with tears of joy.  This session stirred up alot of emotions for me.  All afternoon, I was wondering why I was feeling this way….


….Maybe  I am being reminded the beauty of His creations.


…Maybe I am being reminded the beauty of  joy.


…Maybe  I am being reminded the beauty of being carefree.


…Maybe  I am being reminded  the beauty of a family’s love.


…Maybe  I am being reminded the beauty of a father’s strength.


…Maybe because I am being reminded the beauty of a mother’s touch.


…Maybe because I am being reminded the beauty of letting go.



…Maybe I am just being all sentimental.


…But I do KNOW one thing, make each day a BEST day and always, always, capture that.



“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize that they were the big things.”





B Family:  I hope you experienced joy in your day as I did spending time with you. Love to you guys! 

Unwritten|Elkhart Senior Photographer


“La prima pagina si apre con “oggi”,                           

 il resto e’ ancora da scrivere.”                             

“Today is where your book begins, 

 the rest is still unwritten. “





In  photography, light is essential.  Most people tend to shy away from overcast days and thinking that the ideal condition is a bright day.  While there is some truth to that but overcast days can open up to possibilities as well.  When I shoot on days like that, I am forced to look at different sources for lighting.  It forced me to use creative angles.  And it forced me to think outside the box.  To tell you the truth, I have a deep affection for overcast days.  It can produce beautiful images.   The light is diffused and I just love how the colors turn out when I process the images.                                   

This seems true to in life.  We all love perfect days and we shy away when conditions are less than perfect.  To me when I look back , those less than perfect times in my life, usually turned out to be the most “melodious” and vibrant timesThose were the times that forced me to come out of my comfort zone.  I now could reflect on those times and realized how those moments provided me with opportunities and gave me a different outlook on things.                       

The day of this photosession was an overcast day.  What I was most impressed with was how G just embraced the day.  She created the day and made a day full of  possibilities despite of how cold and windy it became.  Her beautiful smile and vibrant personality brought all the colors we needed for this session.                        

We all had such a fun day as we explored and ventured to so many unique locations.  One of my favorite surprise part of the day was this beautiful barn G’s mom found for us.  To me it was a hidden gem.   Along the way to our beach destination, we stumbled on another surprise that we had to stop.  We were able to add in the railroad tracks as an element to G’s session.   When we finally arrived at the beach,  it got colder and became even more windy.  G’s willingness to weather through the cold and wind brought the most amazing pictures at the beach.                       

G–I hope you are enjoying your wonderful senior year.  As you start college and open a new chapter of your book, I hope that you continue to find joy in all circumstances just like you did our session day.  I hope you continue to  “Live your life with your arms wide open.  Today your book begins. The rest is still unwritten.”      

Thank you to G’s mom for the eloquent italian translation of the quote and for the fun locations that you have found to make this such a creative session.                                                  
























































Amazing Audrey

“ You’ve got to push yourself harder.
You’ve got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take.
You’ve got to take the tools you have and probe deeper.”
William Albert Allard
I just got back from a private workshop taught by the A.M.A.Z.I.N.G  Audrey Woulard.  I spent 2 days this past weekend at her Chicago Studio learning and trying to absorb everything I could from her.  I am normally an observer and would describe myself as more of a behind-the-scene-kinda-gal.  Well, I think I took on a completely new identity at this workshop and I was shooting away with so many questions.  I was not very quiet.  I assure you this is true and my new Photographer friends that I met can attest to this.  
There are probably 3 photographers on my ‘wish list’ that I would love to learn and meet.  If you look at the work  of these photographers that I admire, they are actually very different from each other in their styles and artistic presentations. What I see the common factor is they all have a true sense of style.  Audrey Wouldard is one of the photographers I admire and I was so fortunate to attend her workshop and study from her.  
To give you a brief background of Audrey Woulard:  She, I would say, is undeniably one of the best natural light children photographers in the country. It is so obvious to see that as reflected in her work.  I just love the simplicity of her images yet her simplicity speaks volume as she captured the honesty and beauty of the children she photographed. 
Also, she has done high profile commercial work for Pottery Barn Baby, Pottery Barn Kids, In Style, Better Homes and Gardens Photography edition etc….I can go on and on with her credentials.
What I was most impressed with was her tremendous knowledge of light and she works with natural light 100% of the time.   Since natural light photography is exactly all that I do, what is better than just learning straight  from the very best?
I learned alot about the importance of lighting.  I also observed that each photographer can photograph the same subject(s), in the same setting, and even with the same camera,  yet each produces totally different outcomes.  Their final images reflect their perspective and interpretations. This is the beauty of photography and why I love it.
I left the workshop feeling so inspired. I am so inspired to now apply the tools that I learned and constantly work on taking my photography skills to the next level.  I also feel inspired to adapt what I learned and to continue work on developing my own sense of style. I also feel so blessed meeting so many new fellow photographers friends at the workshop who also inspired me with their beautiful work and how much I can also learn from them.  
Here are some fun shots I took at the workshop taken downtown Chicago.
 Aren’t they all adorable children to photograph?





Beautiful Eyes|Elkhart Senior Photographer


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt


We had quite a fun time as we explored all over town and ofcourse met some interesting people along the way.  A nice gentleman even offered for us to take pictures on his boat and ofcourse we jumped at that chance.  Well, when we got there, it was quite an interesting boat and sort of not exactly what I had in mind but we still had fun and made the most of the situation. I can still remember the expressions on K’s face as she had to crawl through an area of this boat and then opened up a hatch to get to an outside area .  I am sure she has her own interesting interpretation of this version as she crawled through there, right K?  We had fun nevertheless and I love the fact how relaxing this session was and it was all about being in the moment and experiencing joy.  Isn’t that what life should be about?  Her fun personality reflects in these pictures and by the way, her blue eyes are truly just captivating!.




























Remember the Name|Middlebury Senior Photographer



“Your ATTITUDE, not your APTITUDE,  will determine your ALTITUDE.”





Pure Pinkalicious



“Every now and then we need a pink.a.licious in our lives.” -U


Okay, I just totally made up that quote but I am tickled pink that I get to enjoy this new stage in our household.   Being a mom of 3 boys and a girl,  I’ve gotten used to taking the boys to all sorts of sports activities over the years.  Now our youngest is old enough to take ballet and she prefers this over soccer this is a new territory for me and I am enjoying it! The boys are so sweet to her and just love to see their little sister all dressed up in pink and ready to go to her ballet class today.   

Pure Delight|Goshen Family Photographer


“When you look at your life, the greatest happiness are family happinesses.”  Dr.  Joyce Brothers

Pure Delight!! ~Perfect weather condition.  ~Beautiful family.  ~The most photogenic and well-behaved children.  ~Lovely parents. What more can I say…a photographer’s dream!!!  These children were so comfortable infront of the camera and was so cooperative as we roamed and explored all the different areas. I have to tell you that S* and C* just set the bars pretty high for future children that I will be photographing! 

One of the best aspects about this job is meeting and getting to know so many different and wonderful people.  The mom was in the market looking for a family photographer and happened to stumble on my website.  After looking through my blog, she then realized that her son was in my daughter’s preschool class last year.  So ofcourse, I was so delighted when she contacted me and informed me of this connection and invited me to photograph her family.   

What a wonderful family you have and you are so blessed! It was so nice getting to know your family.



Family is Love |Elkhart Family Photographer


“To the outside world, we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters.

We know each other as we always were. We know each other’s hearts.

We share private family jokes.  We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joy.

We live outside the touch of time.”   …..Clara Orgega

What a beautiful family inside and out!! I grew up in a family of dark almost black eyes; so I was totally captivated by their eyes……oh such beautiful shades of blue!! They were Blue-licious!! So glad the sibblings were able to hop in for a quick photoshoot while I was doing E’s Senior Pics.



Below are some of my fav pics from the session:


And off they go….


“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”—–Greg Anderson

My oldest is heading into 6th grade Middle school.  My 2 middle ones are heading into 4th grade, Intermediate school.  My youngest is heading to Kindergarten.  Wow—— 12 years of always having someone at home and now they are off to a new journey in their lives. 

This year is somewhat of a big year for each one of them as they are all heading into different schools and facing new situations. As a mom, this can send my world spinning!


I can choose to feel uncertainties as they all start their new schools; or I can choose to feel full of possibilities and the new friends they will meet. 

I can choose to be sad as I no longer have a little one around during the day to spend my time ; or I can choose find joy as this can be the time for me to work on spending more time with God.

I can wish that they need me forever; or I can find contentment that they no longer have to need me.

I can worry if they feel alone; or I can feel assured that they can learn to stand on their own.

I can wonder if they will make mistakes; or I can believe that they will choose to make good choices.


Life is all about choices. I can choose to see the situation as a glass half empty or I can choose to see it as a glass half full.

I can choose to fill my thoughts of uncertainties or I can choose to find joy in this new situation.

I am ready as they are to embrace all the possibilities ahead and trust that God has a plan and will direct all of us and where we need to go.   Life moves so quickly, it’s all up to me how I want to perceive this journey.

How about you? Are you finding joy in your journey or are you more troubled with the uncertainties? Are you ready to trust Him to direct you where you need to go?