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“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”.

~C.S. Lewis

A beautiful quote given to me by his mom.

This was one special session for me because Jake’s parents are long-time friends and such dear friends of ours. Also, a special session because the locations were carefully planned out and Jake’s mom chose places that would be meaningful to Jake. We came up with 2 special places and I added in a  3rd location that I thought would be a fun and different to try.

It had been raining quite a bit during the day of our session.  Couple of hours before the session, it finally stopped and turned out to be the most gorgeous day. When I showed up at our first destination, I realized that the rain created a new perspective–it painted an incredible backdrop to this vacant building.   I had been on this location before but this time the building emitted  an industrial feel and couldn’t be better for a High School Senior boy to partake.

Indeed, it sure captured Jake’s attention when he arrived —what a great way to start his session because I knew Jake was dreading this photoshoot.   :-)

The second location we went to was a very special place to his family. It was a place where his great-grandparents met on their first date over 70 years ago!!!!!  It used to be gathering area by the river with friends.

The third place we went to was ofcourse his most familiar place, his High School football field.

The thing I remember most about this session was that we had the most incredible day full of laughter!   I loved that both his parents accompanied him and it made the session that much more fun!!  You could feel the great support system that Jake has from his parents.

Now this Fall, Jake is set out to dream a new dream.  As you venture out to this new path, I hope you always remember the above quote from your mom.  I know you will do great! The best of luck to you, Jake and excited that you  have chosen to go to Indiana University!!

Thank you Jenny and Mike for trusting me with Jake’s Senior pictures.

Before I post pictures of the session , I also want to add that Jake’s mom, Jenny Nolan is an incredible writer/author.  Her recent published novel, “Bearing Up Horseshoes” is  a wonderful book full charms, adventures, and life’s anecdotes that will make you laugh and cry.  She’s incredibly talented and I am so proud of her!!  This is a must-read book.  Jenny is now working on her second novel and I cannot wait for that to be done!

Here is a full session video of the day:













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