Dear Blog, Sorry I have been neglecting you….


Dear Clients and Friends,

Happy Fall!!!  Thank you soooooo much for your word of mouth, support, and for filling my photography journey with so much joy and friendships.  Because of your awesome support,  I am now booked for 2011 and my season will start back up in the Spring.

This Winter, I will be doing only Newborn Sessions, taking on special projects and working with  few clients that have already pre-planned their creative Winter sessions with me.

Also, the next several weeks, I am trying to update this blog….I have ALOT of sessions to update on the blog (how about sessions all the way back to June!! Yikes!!!!  I  apologize for neglecting this Blog and not updating it with my recent sessions the last couple of months when my Season got incredibly busy.

In the mean time, if you want to see my latest sessions and see of my work please follow me on JoyfulHeart Photography by Uyen Facebook .



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