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“Help for Today… Hope for Tomorrow”

This is the beautiful mission statement of the Bashor Children’s Home.  In a nutshell, Bashor Children’s Home ” is a residential treatment facility offering “Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow” to abused, neglected and troubled young people
since its inception in 1923.”

This past Saturday, JoyfulHeart Photography had the opportunity to collaborate with this great cause to bring awareness to the center.   It was held at the Lerner’s Theater and 8 groups of the most talented performers participated in the “Elkhart has Talent” Show.  All money raised from this benefits goes to the Bashor’s Children’s Home.

As I took on this project to create a video to be shown at the fundraiser, I realized that there were a few stumbling blocks.  One of the biggest roadblocks was that the children at the Bashor’s Home are under strict privacy court order; therefore, I could not use any pictures of the children to represent the center. Not being able to use their faces, this really presented us with a big challenge. This means the video was no longer a possibility.

As one of the fundraiser committee members positively said, “When God closes one door; another one opens.”

How true this statement was!

If you remember from my blog journal a year ago, a dear friend of mine asked me to photograph her family using the Pekarek Action Course.  The course was dedicated in honor of her late husband, Joe Pekarek.  This was the first time the family had the opportunity to use the course.

Joe Pekarek had died in a plane crash and the course was “dedicated in his memory-by the Thomas Family… The course represents Joe’s love for the outdoor and his dedication to young people.”

I was honored when my friend included me in this process and asked me  to photograph her family using this course dedicated to her late husband, Joe.  Needless to say, it was an emotional and an unbelievable day for everyone!  I was touched  by the experience because you may not know this but I also knew Joe from college.  He was a good friend of mine.

It was a special day and the experience of that day touched me in so many ways.

When I mentioned to the family of the constraints we were facing of the Bashor’s Home video for the event, they immediately and generously allowed me to use the pictures from their session to help deliver the message we needed for the fundraiser.  The PAC course has become an important therapeutic recreation tool for the children at the Bashor’s Home.

Here a year later, how blessed it was that we were able to use the family’s video to bring awareness to the PAC course to help spread the message of the Bashor Children’s Home.

I don’t know if the family realizes this but the video would not be possible that night if it wasn’t for their thoughtfulness for allowing us to use their session pictures.  Now the community has a better understanding of this worthy cause.

Click the link below to view the video that was shown this past Saturday at the “Elkhart Has Talent” Fundraiser benefiting Bashor Children’s Home held at the Lerner’s Theater.



Click here to view the full session from a year ago:






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    Another job well done my friend!

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